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The brief

Most of us aren’t saving enough money for retirement. It’s something that governments around the world have been looking to tackle by using the power of behavioural economics. Using the principle of defaults, countries have been introducing automatic enrolment pensions; pension schemes where employers and employees contribute automatically.

To support the rollout of Secondary Pensions, The States of Guernsey, in partnership with Sovereign Group has launched Your Island Pension (YIP).

Having supported the UK government’s auto-enrolment pension provider with digital marketing strategy for almost a decade, Indulge has been appointed to support YIP with digital strategy and online marketing communications.

Our brief has been to use our considerable experience in the workplace pensions sector to support the rollout of YIP including management of the brand’s social media output, SEO consultancy and paid media. Our goal is to make YIP the most visible and informative online brand in the emerging Secondary Pensions market in Guernsey.

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Starting in the second half of 2023, we began the process of documenting a digital marketing strategy that enables YIP to begin its journey towards brand launch and key message output.

Using audience and market research we have identified a suitable communications strategy that enables YIP to use social media channels alongside its website to reach its multi-faceted target audience.

We outlined the information architecture and content strategy for the brand’s website, briefed the YIP team on content strategy and provided full design and written content for the brand’s social media channels.

All of the work is designed to empower YIP to publish and promote information that informs and educates Guernsey-based employers and employees on the benefits of Secondary Pensions and saving with YIP.

Five YIP social media posts by Indulge
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The results

As of the start of 2024, YIP is now in the first phase of its public launch, beginning with voluntary signup for new employers. As of July 2024, YIP will begin providing services for employers with 26 or more qualifying members of staff.

During this phase of ‘soft launch’ and staging, we are providing ongoing content and social media management services.

  • 100K+

    Organic social impressions in the first five months of the campaign

  • 18%

    Average monthly follower growth rate

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