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The brief

Eric Sturdza Investments is a multi-award winning investment management firm with $1.1bn of assets under management as of December 2023. It is part of the prestigious Swiss private banking group, the Eric Sturdza Group.

In early 2022, to support the launch of the new Eric Sturdza Investments website, Indulge was appointed to oversee content and digital marketing strategy. The firm has a very high level of content output including monthly fund commentaries, event promotion and regular announcements. This is in addition to industry commentary provided by the firm’s fund managers.

Our brief is to enable the firm to reach its clients and prospective clients through a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that utilises social channels and organic search.

A graph showing growth in impressions and interactions across 2022


Our primary focus has been on managing the high volume of content that the firm produces. Most prominent are the regular fund commentaries; monthly in-depth articles providing market analysis for use by existing and prospective investors.

Content on the Eric Sturdza site is published across three language versions: English, French and German.

We have acted as Managing Editor; ensuring all content is edited to follow house style, producing extracts and identifying key quotations in addition to briefing the design team.

We publish all new content to the Eric Sturdza Investments website and manage the brand’s social media channels. The social media scheduling is fully managed by the Indulge team with the remit to reach as wide an audience as possible. Our role is to make Eric Sturdza Investment’s content work as hard as it can to maintain and grow the brand’s standing in the market.

The key metrics being tracked are content impressions, interactions and channel followers.

A graph showing growth in followers across 2022


The results

Our work with Eric Sturdza Investments has resulted in a significant bump in content performance across social media channels.

  • +298%

    Increase in impressions per post

  • +62%

    Increase in interactions per post

  • +33%

    Increase in profile followers

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