Content and SEO project resulting in over 200% annual growth in organic search performance and traffic


Ridgefield Consulting

Ridgefield Consulting
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Ridgefield Consulting
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Ridgefield Consulting is a leading firm of chartered accountants and advisors based in Oxfordshire.

In 2019, Ridgefield Consulting approached Indulge with the brief to improve the firm’s visibility in organic online search.

This case study outlines how Indulge worked with Ridgefield Consulting to deliver an SEO and content marketing strategy that has resulted in annual growth in excess of 200%.

Outlining the problem

The brief was simple; to increase website traffic with the firm’s target market via organic online search.

Ridgefield Consulting had in recent months launched a new website and overhauled its brand image. The firm has been well respected in Oxfordshire for a long time with an established client base. The firm is well-represented at local events but felt that its online presence in organic search left room for improvement.

Split into two core groups, the strategy needed to capture the interest of leaders of growing startup businesses and firms requiring innovation support.

Ridgefield Consulting operates in an extremely competitive market both locally and nationally.

In delivering a strategy to capture online search traffic for relevant topics, Ridgefield Consulting would be pitching itself against a high number of online competitors. The key challenge was to carve out space in the online search market.

The results

An almost 300% increase in website visitors between Q4 2019 and Q4 2020.

A 200% increase in the number of search terms (keywords) Ridgefield Consulting was visible for in Google’s organic search results.

A growth from 50,000 search impressions to over 200,000 per month.

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