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The brief

Nest Pensions was formed in 2008 as part of the UK government’s rollout of mandatory workplace pensions, dubbed auto-enrolment. Nest has a public service obligation meaning it exists to serve any UK business or individual who wishes to use its pension services.

Since 2016, Indulge has been tasked by Nest to oversee the brand’s online presence on search engines. Our brief has covered two core requirements for Nest; maintain and grow the brand’s organic search market share and manage information accuracy in organic search.

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Our process

Nest’s most pressing challenge has been in managing the visibility of its vast online library of content consisting of circa 1,000 pages of information, 600 PDF documents and 900 help centre support pages.

Like many firms operating in the financial services sector, the accuracy of information is of critical importance. This means that when a member of Nest’s audience carries out an online search, search engines must return the correct document.

Our job as search consultants is to identify weaknesses in this process. We have been able to identify circumstances where search engines have been serving Nest’s audience with incorrect landing pages or out-of-date information. By uncovering these situations, we’ve been able to make strategic changes to Nest’s information architecture and content strategy to improve the performance of the domain in online search.

In addition to our role in the quality control of Nest’s search results, we have also identified areas of potential growth, by running a series of content workstreams. These workstreams have picked up topics such as pension transfers and retirement, identified what questions Nest’s audience asks most often and planned content to serve the audience more effectively.

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The results

Nest has consistently been a leading player in the online search market among auto-enrolment pension scheme providers. In our time working with Nest the website has significantly grown its share of search (benchmarked using SEMrush data).

  • +100%

    Search market share compared with closest workplace pension competitor

  • +26%

    Growth in search visibility resulting from content workstream

  • +16%

    Growth in new organic search users (H2 2022 vs H2 2023)

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