A design system is a fully documented source of user-interface elements, components, colours, fonts and styles that can be used to produce any number of products across platforms. Firms can think of a design system as an organisation-wide style guide and digital component library.

Having a design system is fast becoming a standard for medium-to-large size firms who need to maintain brand and technical standards across platforms, from websites to reports and apps.

A design system is considered a 'living' resource that is updated on a regular basis. When delivered, a design system enables a firm to launch new digital products and services with both speed and consistency. A design system specifies the layout and format of digital elements, such as forms and page layouts meaning that whenever a product is launched, it always maintains the integrity of the brand and the system that sits behind it.

Indulge has years of experience in developing and delivering complex design systems for firms in the financial services sector. If you're looking to develop a robust design system for your organisation, please contact us.

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