An application that helps Drupal developers to deliver richer, more secure and easier-to-maintain applications


Helix Drupal Framework

Key features

Numerous built-in layouts and content types

A row-based content type allowing the content manager to mix and match layouts

A framework for rapidly developing new content types

All layouts are accessible out of the box

An SEO framework that automatically fills in the blanks where possible, but can be overridden for bigger builds

Helix Drupal framework demo website homepage screenshot on desktop device
Screen Gloss
Helix Drupal framework demo website homepage screenshot on mobile device
Screen Gloss


Helix is a unique framework for the Drupal content management system. It helps the development team at Indulge to deliver rich, complex web applications that are robust and secure.

Helix comes with many different common layouts and content types that can be used across many different projects. It also allows developers to rapidly build new types of content and layouts. Ultimately, Helix enables Drupal developers to focus on producing new projects they can be confident in.

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