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Key features

Bridges business software & AI models

Enables automation of business processes

Built with data security in mind

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What is Baxter?

Baxter is a human-like piece of software. It allows you to streamline admin-heavy processes that traditionally have needed human input.

Our mission with Baxter is to superpower teams;  Baxter lets teams get more done by focusing on important tasks and skipping admin. It has the potential to reduce workload and increase capacity.

Baxter is the answer to the question,  ‘how do I use AI in my organisation?’

Introducing Baxter

Baxter is a framework that leverages cutting-edge AI models to process data in a human-like manner. It can make decisions based on this data and carry out various actions, from determining the next action on a ticket thread to populating a form with structured data from an email.

Each implementation of Baxter is unique; as we roll it out we customise and optimise Baxter's functionality to meet the specific requirements of the project.

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Baxter AI Automation

Baxter is secure

All of the AI models that Baxter use are hosted within the EU, and data sent to them is used only for the task in hand. 

The data sent to these models is not stored, or used to train future models or for any other purpose.

This means that Baxter can handle all sorts of private and confidential correspondence, including sensitive personal data.

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Introduction to Baxter

Using Baxter + Zendesk to superpower ticket management

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